Basements – from lowly to lovely

Dreary basements are a thing of the past. BCF Contracting take sad, dark or unfinished basements and turn them into sun-filled and functional living spaces. Whether you add French doors or double-hung windows (which allows more light to enter and gives the space better views of the backyard) or remove dropped-ceiling panels – opening up the space and giving basements an airy, lovely feel is what we do best. Continue reading

Home Restorations

Do you want to restore some features of your home to their former glory days? BCF Contracting can help you with restorations of basements, stairs, flooring, bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, entertainment centers, wet bars, small business front desks and custom logos – or simply put – with almost anything that needs a fresh face or its shine back. Continue reading

Newly constructed house in Toronto

Congratulations, you’ve decided to build an addition to your home or just simply build a brand new house. In most cases a complete renovation or a brand new design is costly and you need to have a proper plan of action, plus the right contractors to help you along. First of all, hire a licensed home inspector to check your house from top to bottom and then bring in the best team of contractors to design/renovate the interior of your dream home. BCF Contracting worked recently on such a great project – a brand hew house in Toronto. Check the pictures below to see our proud results.

Continue reading