Florin & Cornelia Barbu

Founder & Co-founder


I’m Florin Barbu, the Founder of BCF Contracting Group, an entrepreneur and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping people bring the “home of their dreams” visions to life. I wouldn’t be able to do all that I do without the help of my better half and co- founder of the company, my amazing wife, Cornelia, and the entire team.

Cornelia and I were born and raised in Romania. Back home we lived in different cities, therefore, we only met in our early twenties, in Canada. In 2000, my parents, both engineers, moved to Canada in hopes to offer my brother and I a chance to a better future. Cornelia came to Canada in 2002 after her sister promised her that she will fall in love with Toronto in one visit. Cornelia did fall in love with Toronto, but she also fell in love with…me. Four months later, we were married. It’s been nearly twenty years since our beautiful summer wedding ceremony, and we are still very much in love with each other.

Cornelia and I are both entrepreneurs at heart. We are both driven and self-reliant, but also very hard workers. From the very beginning of our marriage, we knew we would eventually start our own company. At that time, however, I was still wrapping-up my higher education studies and I was also working with my father for his electrical company. In 2010 Cornelia decided to, once again, go back to school and obtain her real estate license. And so, she did. My wife became a licensed realtor that same year and her professional skills in the real estate field have always been (and still are) outstanding.

As for me, after several attempts to succeed in a corporate job and a lot of angst trying to forget my entrepreneurial dreams, I realized that my unusual combination of autonomous interests and tactical, risk-taking skills was a strength, not a liability. This is why in 2010, I also came to terms with the fact that I could not fit into a conventional box, gave up the security of a greatly paid 9-5 corporate job and decided to finally start with my wife our very first joint business venture – BCF Contracting Group Corporation. We made this big decision just as we made all of our life’s choices – hand in hand, empowered by our mutual trust in each other and our abilities to never give up on anything we dream of.

The beginning of our family owned and operated business was not even remotely easy. We started literally from the bottom of a few basement remodeling projects and moved up to higher assignments through a lot of hard work, motivation, inspiration and dedication. Cornelia was always the heart of customer support, accounting and human resources, while I dealt with the project management and all the technical, legal and on site logistics of the business. We never took anything for granted. Every small contract we got awarded was a celebration for us. Every time we got a first project with a new client was a big win. A couple of years later, when we moved into our main office we knew that our true vision for BCF Contracting Group is finally coming to life.

Building a business from scratch is hard, but not impossible. There is no secret “standard” way of starting a venture from nothing. If you’d ask Cornelia for the main ingredient in our “recipe” for success she will most likely tell you that it is my leadership (a leader always on board, an innovative project manager and a visionary who believes in the success of the project). If you’d ask me, I would say that the main ingredients were and always will be Cornelia’s everlasting hope for greatness and our joint vision of building something beautiful that is changing lives. Together we are firm believers in quality, because quality is what remains long after the dust settles. We truly built our reputation on the quality we always provide to our clients.

For Cornelia and I, as business owners, it’s always been about the freedom of being able to chase big dreams, the thrill of building a personal empire and the joy of making a mark on the world by doing something that could benefit another human being. Probably, if we are to choose only one best part of being entrepreneurs we would first and foremost value the customer’s satisfaction. With every project, we are building something new that enriches someone’s life. With every family or organization we reach and help, BCF Contracting Group is teaching us a valuable life lesson for which we are deeply thankful.

BCF Contracting Group has been serving Toronto since 2010 and is driven to provide our customers with exceptional quality, service and to give you the experience of a lifetime. You can be assured that should you be choosing us for your new home or remodeling project, our excellence in building, customizing, redesigning, will allow you to soon recharge in a modern, soothing, fresh, sleek design. We are truly believers that sky is the limit when it comes to your personal dreams and achievements.

Some people still say that we were lucky not only to find each other in this big world, but to have built a successful business together. We would honestly tell you that while some good luck helps, the key to succeeding boils down to putting in the time and effort after you’ve figured out what it is that you love and forming a business around it. You’ll put so much into it that it’ll be hard to fail.”

Our Values


It is vital to us that we gain the trust of those that we work alongside. We act with integrity and prove ourselves to be open, honest, and reliable


We have a reputation for being true to our words and actions. We assure you can trust us to deliver what we promise.


Togetherness makes us stronger. We believe that extraordinary homes are built when trade professionals collaborate as a team, all committed to creating your dream home.


We strongly believe that clear and effective communication is paramount to build strong personal relationships and complete successful projects.

Customer Satisfaction

We listen and understand your needs and requirements. We will deliver exactly what you expect.

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How We Work With You

Have a look at how BCF Contracting Group can help you throughout the process
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Request a FREE Consultation

The first step starts with a 100% FREE no-obligation consultation with Florin.
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