At What Stage Do I Involve A Builder?

It always pays to get BCF Contracting Group involved early. We encourage utilising our vast expertise from the start, as our broad knowledge and experience can assist in making the entire process easier. Typically, we are approached once clients have engaged their architect and we can advise and assist where necessary. However often we are engaged later in the process, often around building consent stage, and this works exceptionally well also.

Do I Need A Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)?

You require an LBP for most consented building work. At BCF Contracting Group, we encourage ALL of our carpenters to become Licenced Building Practitioners. This ensures we remain at the top of our field through constant industry training. This brings surety that your building project will be constructed to the highest standard, by industry leading professionals.

Do I Get A Guarantee?

Yes. When you build with BCF Contracting Group, you will receive the best new home guarantee available, the Certified Builders BCF 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This will bring you surety that the job will be done right. By using BCF Contracting Group, Our BCF 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will bring you peace of mind; it is also transferable if you sell your home. In addition, BCF Contracting Group offer you our personal BCF Contracting Group Guarantee highlighting such benefits as Transparency, Communication, Timing, Quality and Care.

Will The Construction Site Be Safe?

At BCF Contracting Group, we pride ourselves on our safety record. As members of WSIB, our Health and Safety policy is clear and precise. We review and update our site safety requirements constantly and our team are always all inducted and trained to minimise risk. The site will be regularly cleaned and maintained in a tidy, safe, and professional manor. It is my personal commitment to ensure ALL BCF Contracting Group team members, associated contractors and site visitors go home safely to their families every night!

Can I Make Changes During The Building Project?

We welcome you to make any changes you would like to enhance your home. Any requests by you or your Architect incurring extra labour, contractor or material costs will be treated as a variation to the contract. All variations will be estimated and presented to you for approval before any such works can proceed.

Using the latest project management software we keep track of all variances and change orders are submited to you for approval before any work is done. This ensures clear and transparent communication and cristal clear transparency on project cost.

Why Do I Need A New Home Build Specialist – Isn’t All Building The Same?

Building Ultra-High end Boutique Architectural new homes, compared to building new mid-level or renovation work, is as different as chalk and cheese! An Architectural new build requires craftsman experience and knowledge that allows for more creativity in respect to building methodology and material usage. BCF Contracting Group as an experienced new home build specialist, you are able use their knowledge and expertise at every stage. Whether that be in consultation when designing your home, incorporating the latest certified building methods or material selection; you’ll know you’re in safe hands.