Condominium Renovations

Are you looking for condominium renovation services in Toronto? Or do you want to enhance your condominium’s aesthetic appeal from classic to modern?


Having a condominium renovation done is a challenging task. It requires careful planning, financial considerations, and a dedicated team of professionals who understand the complexities of condominium construction and design. From dealing with condominium boards and regulations, condominium construction can be challenging.


At BCF Contracting Group, we specialize in condominium-specific renovations that adhere to all codes and guidelines while providing you with the best possible outcome and value. Whether you are looking for a full-scale overhaul or small interior renovations, we are the condominium renovation experts you can trust!


Here at BCF, we have extensive experience in all aspects of construction and design. We offer a wide range of condo renovation services, including condo remodeling, kitchen renovations, bathroom upgrades, interior painting and decorating, balcony designs, and condominium additions.


We also specialize in condominium repairs, condominium conversions, and condominium inspections. Our team of experts can provide you with a customized plan that meets your needs and budget.


Whether you are looking for renovations that will make a lasting impact, repairs to keep your condo in tip-top condition, or inspections to ensure the integrity of your condominium’s structure, BCF Contracting Group is the leading condominium renovation company in Toronto. Contact us today, and let us help you with all your condominium renovation needs!

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Update Your Condo

As a condo owner, you want your space to be as modern and up-to-date as possible. Renovating your condominium can help you improve your space’s look, feel, and functionality. Whether you want cosmetic changes or need major repairs, renovations are an important task that should be taken seriously.

When it comes to condo renovation, there are several things you need to consider before getting started.


-Understand the condominium rules and regulations of your building.

Make sure you fully understand what changes are allowed and which ones may not be before beginning your project. This will help ensure you don’t break any rules and regulations.

-Know the budget for your condominium renovation.

Calculate how much you are willing to spend for the entire project, and make sure you stick to it. It is important to ensure that you can afford the entire renovation before getting started so that there are no issues as the project progresses.

-Have a plan. 

Before getting started with renovation, it’s essential to have a plan in place. Consider the changes you want to make and how they will impact your condominium. This will help you create a realistic timeline and budget for your condominium renovation project.

-Hire the right professionals.

Depending on the type of condominium renovation project, you may need to hire professional contractors or tradespeople. Make sure you research each contractor carefully and ensure that they are a licensed company before hiring them. This will also help ensure that your renovation project is completed correctly and safely.

Renovating a condominium can be a challenging yet rewarding task. By understanding condominium rules and regulations, budgeting appropriately, planning, and hiring the right professionals for the job, you can ensure that your renovation goes smoothly. With the proper renovation, you can enjoy an updated condominium that looks and functions just how you want it to.


Elevate Your Life!

Do you ever feel like your life needs an upgrade? Are you tired of living in a condo that doesn’t reflect your style and personality? If so, BCF Contracting Group can help you elevate your life!

With our experienced team of contractors, our company provides quality services to turn any condo into the perfect environment for you and your family. From adding additional space to creating a new look, our team of skilled professionals can make your condominium renovation dreams a reality.

We understand that renovations are extensive, so we strive to provide our clients with the best services possible. We work closely with condominium associations and boards to ensure that all completed projects adhere to condominium regulations while giving you the perfect space for you and your family. 

Our condominium services include:

– Interior and exterior painting

– Flooring installation

– Drywall repair or replacement

– Kitchen Remodeling

– Bathroom Remodeling

– Lighting fixtures installation

– And more!

Our condominium renovation services can help you turn your condo into the perfect place to call home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help elevate your life!

Why Should You Renovate Your Condo?

For condo owners, this may sound like an obvious question. Still, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of condominium renovation. Many condominium owners are unaware of the potential benefits of renovating their units. However, there can be both financial and aesthetic returns on investment in condo renovation.

Reasons why condominium renovation may be worth considering:

Increasing the value of your condominium

Renovation can help increase the resale value of your condominium by improving its marketability. As a condominium owner, you have complete control over the choice of materials, fixtures, and design elements used in the renovation. This allows you to customize and upgrade the condominium to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Enhancing energy efficiency

Upgrading outdated appliances and fixtures can improve the condominium’s energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility bills. Additionally, installing energy-efficient windows and insulation can reduce the condominium’s energy consumption.

Increasing space

Remodeling can also help condominium owners make the most of their limited living space. Strategically planned additions or even reconfiguring existing rooms can add extra room for storage, a second bathroom, or an additional bedroom.

Improving the quality of life

Many condominium owners choose to renovate to modernize their condominiums, making a living more comfortable and enjoyable. This could mean anything from adding modern touches to the décor or making more grand changes such as replacing outdated fixtures and furniture.

It is important to note that renovations can be complex and require professional guidance. Working with an experienced condominium renovation contractor like BCF Contracting Group can help ensure the process runs smoothly and that the results are satisfactory.

Our Process

Condominium renovation projects come to life through a simple and efficient process when working with us. We start with our six key steps:


We’ll meet to discuss your condo renovation project, understand your vision and develop a plan of action.


This is the initial step in figuring out the general features of the project and confirming with our design and architecture team that the project is feasible and complies with zoning regulations. To collaborate with you during the project’s design and permitting phase to get the necessary building permits and permissions for construction, we will develop a preliminary budget and an engineering/design agreement. You will receive a detailed cost breakdown for our design, engineering, and architectural services, which will also cover building permit fees, structural fees, arborist fees, surveyor fees, HVAC fees, geotechnical fees, and the committee of adjustments fees, if necessary.


We have all decided to work together to design and construct your ideal home. We will introduce you to the design team that will guide you through the entire drawing-preparation process. During this step, our designers will be able to assist you in choosing finishes and will be able to direct you in making the choices necessary to get the design of your dreams. We are prepared to submit for zoning review and building permit approval as soon as you approve all of the drawings, renderings, and design aspects.


At this point, a project timetable will be created before work begins, and we’ll keep you updated along the process. You will be given login information for our online site. You may check in to view progress images, submit new requests, and keep track of the timetable. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep track of your costs and payment deadlines. Suppose you have any queries or worries regarding the project. In that case, our project management team will be on hand to answer them right away.


We will be fully prepared to begin construction and carry out the project now that we have received all necessary building licenses and clearances. After getting to know the team, you will have a preliminary walkthrough with our project manager on location. While the project is being built, we’ll keep you informed with weekly reports and progress photos to ensure everything is going as planned.


As the project nears completion, we’ll meet with you once more to discuss any questions or issues you might have. To ensure that your project is done to the most excellent quality standard, our project leader will arrange a walkthrough with you after substantial completion and review our Quality Assurance Checklist. After we leave, we’ll discuss our warranty process if any issues arise with your condo.


BCF Contracting Group ensures that condominium renovation projects are managed efficiently and to the highest quality. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch service and results. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you transform your condominium to the next level!


Why Choose BCF Contracting Group As Your Trusted Condominium Remodeling Company in Toronto?

You want the best quality services when looking for Toronto’s condominium renovations. BCF Contracting Group will surely exceed your expectations from the initial design to the finishing touches.


We ensure that every condo owner will experience our excellence in condominium renovations. We will assist you with all the necessary procedures, fees, and paperwork that entangle condominium remodeling projects. We’ll also cover building permit fees, structural fees, arborist fees, surveyor fees, HVAC fees, geotechnical fees, and a committee of adjustments fees if necessary.


With our communication, complete project management, trustworthiness, and quality assurance, we guarantee that you’ll be more than satisfied with our process from start to finish.


BCF Contracting Group is here to make your dreams a reality! With our team of professionals, we ensure that all condo renovations are done right and on time. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with condominium renovations in Toronto!

Why Choose BCF Contracting Group?


Through the Buildertrend App software, we provide our clients with a clear line of communication. You will also have your very own project manager to lean on every step of the way.


When it comes to PM software, we utilize the latest technology. We keep our clients in the loop by providing them with their own login to access our project management software and watch the build daily progress. They are able to initiate requests, change orders, make selections or add documents all via their smart phone or home PC.


Our core belief is to provide an honest, cost effective and reliable solution to all of your building requirements. We strive to ensure your experience during the build is a stress free experience and that we provide you with the highest level of quality through honesty and integrity. With an engineering background we ensure to provide best building practices and quality control methods.


We have a comprehensive 100-point quality checklist that we methodically update throughout the build. We also ensure to document and log all building phases inspections and engineering reports within our PM System. With our team constantly updating progress reports and pictures you always have access to inspection reports and progress pictures for future reference or modifications.

The Best Guarantee In Your Town

When you choose BCF Contracting Group to construct your home, we will provide you with the assurance and complete peace of mind that your build is in the right hands.

See What Others Are Saying

We assure that your project will be completed to the highest workmanship standard. If you need extra assurance, here are some words of praise from previous happy clients.

"We strongly recommend Florin and his team to all our friends, family, and anyone in search of a professional and committed contracting company."


Florin and his team were absolutely fantastic! They are extremely knowledgeable in their field, particularly in our case which was involving elaborate acoustic insulation project.

We found Florin and his team to be soft spoken, and open minded to new suggestions and implementation. The team works in a complete harmony, and very efficiently. Florin delivers the project on time and in a reasonable budget. We are extremely happy with the project`s results, and very satisfied with the way he delivered his commitment.

We strongly recommend Florin and his team to all our friends, family, and anyone in search of a professional and committed contracting company. Thank you Florin and George and the other members in the team. All the best to you.

"Dealing with this company was great, they responded very quickly to all our phone calls, emails and questions."


We had hired BCF Contracting Group a few times already and our experience with this company had been more than pleasant. Dealing with this company was great, they responded very quickly to all our phone calls, emails and questions. The deadlines were always met and we would recommend them to our friends and family members. After we had contacted BCF Contracting, Florin, the Project Manager came out to give us a quote. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the professionalism he treated this job with never lost the human touch.

Florin had some new great renovating ideas for us and we welcomed his ideas because he was quite thorough in explaining everything, and we actually ended up paying less than what we expected-by allowing this company to work on our project.

"Florin and his team were very approachable and they were always available to address any issues that would arise."


We are pleased with the overall renovation. It feels like we’re living in a brand new home. Our reno consisted of installing hardwood floors throughout, tiles in the entryway, powder room and laundry room, refinishing our existing oak stairs as well as a total kitchen renovation.

The stairs are a wonderful focal point in our entryway and our custom kitchen far exceeded our expectations. Florin and his team were very approachable and they were always available to address any issues that would arise. They offered constructive and creative suggestions throughout the project to ensure that the end product was uniquely ours. We would definitely use BCF Contracting again in the future.

Our Process

When working with us, we guarantee clear, consistent communication as well as maintaining an effective line of dialogue throughout the building process, even if you are not physically present. This is a high priority for us.

Step 1


Book a call to secure a free consultation session with us.

Step 2


This is the first step in determining the project general details and verifying with the ourdesign and architectural team the project feasibility and compliance with the zoning bylaws.We will prepare a preliminary budget and an engineering /design agreement where wecommit to working with you trough the design and permitting phase of the project in order toobtain the necessary building permits and approvals required for construction. You will beprovide a complete cost breakdown for our design, engineering and architectural services thatwill also include : Building Permit Fees, Structural Fees, Arborist, Surveys, HVAC, Geotechnicaland Committee Of Adjustments if required.

Step 3


At this stage we have all agreed to work together to designing and building your dream home.We will introduce you to our design team that will lead you every step of the way in preparingall drawings. Our designers will be able to help you make finishes selections during this phaseand guide you in making the decisions required to obtain the design of your dreams. Onceyou approve all drawings, renderings and design elements we are ready to submit for zoningreview building permits approval.

Step 4


Before construction starts we will prepare a project schedule and we want to make sure you’rein the loop every step of the way. We’ll provide you with login credentials to our online portalwhere you can login to keep track of the schedule, view progress photos, and submit newrequests. You’ll also be able to stay on top of expenses and when your payments are due. Haveany questions or concerns during the project? Easily contact us through the portal and we’llget back to you right away.

Step 5


We all ready to go...… We now have obtained all required building permits and approvals tostart our construction process and project implementation. You will meet the team and have apreliminary walkthrough with our project manager on site. During the construction phase wewill keep you updated with progress pictures and weekly report to ensure the project ismoving according to schedule.

Step 6


As we get close to finishing up the project, we’ll meet with you once more to address anyquestions or concerns you may have. Upon substantial completion our project leader will setup a walkthrough with you and go over our Quality Assurance Checklist to guarantee the yourproject is finished the the highest standard of quality. At this time we’ll discuss our warrantyprocess in the case that any issues arise with your home after we leave.

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We believe in full transparency and open communication and to give you an understanding of how easy it is to work with BCF Contracting we are detailing our building process in 6 easy steps bellow.

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